The Gutsy Gal Philosophy

Gutsy Gal Philosophy is about embracing your Authentic Feminine Power

A Gutsy Gal is a woman who will:
  1. Stop Compromising her Values
  2. Stop Self-Destructive Judgement, Self-Doubts and Fears
  3. Start Forgiving Herself and Letting Go of Past Mistakes
  4. Trust and Accept who She is and where She is Today
  5. Discover that where She is Now Does Not Determine Where She Can Be!
  6. Find Her Inner Power to Achieve Her Dreams and Desires
  7. Finding Her Purpose by Aligning Mind, Body and Spirit
In other words:

Gutsy Gals know who they are

Gutsy Gals know their message, loud & clear

Gutsy Gals know their unique brilliance

Gutsy Gals know who they serve

Gutsy Gals know their value

Gutsy Gals know when to say “Yes” to opportunities even when they don’t know “how to” yet

But, Gutsy Gals also know when to say “no” when it doesn’t serve them

Gutsy Gals – “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Gutsy Gals know being true to themselves, with all their imperfections, takes courage and guts but

Gutsy Gals know the reward is living a life that has meaning and purpose!

It takes guts to be extraordinary; Business takes guts

It requires you to be willing to be extra-ordinary even when you have no clue if anyone will support you!

Realizing you are not alone in your journey of self-discovering how brilliant you truly are and how much the world needs your unique true gifts is one of the first steps towards living a Soulful Gutsy Life.

One that opens yourself up to receiving and growing and living the life you have dreamt.

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On a side note: Let’s be clear on what a Gutsy Gal IS NOT also:

Gutsy Gals are NOT: aggressive, cocky, bitchy, pushy, aloof, over-confident in an egotistical way, masculine (unless it’s authentic) and mostly she is not being someone who she thinks she needs to be.

In its Simplicity Gutsy Gals Get More

More…Love, Romance & Sex










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