Meet Roe

Author | Speaker| Crusader For the Gutsy Gal Life

From Stock-Broker to Fun-Broker and Everything In Between

meet-roeHi I’m Roe Couture DeSaro – your Crusader for the Gutsy Gal life! I am on a mission to help women take a stand, so they can speak and lead with their feminine powerful voice, get comfortable in their own skin and step into their greatness. In other words, Become a Gutsy Gal.

So why me?

Let’s start at the beginning …

When I first started my career, I was unstoppable – I was determined and no one was going to stop me. Growing up in Brooklyn gave me street smarts and fueled my drive to succeed. And let me tell you that no glass ceiling was going to stop me!

For a span of 24 years I moved up the career ladder – and not just any career ladder – the Wall Street ladder. I stepped into roles such as Regional Product Director, Vice President and even Partner.

And let me just say that crashing the boys party was one heck of a ride … (one day ask about some real cool wall street stories)

From stock markets crashing, buyouts, listening to the “dream stealers”, building a family, starting my own business, and finally to 9/11 shutting down my stock trading company, somewhere along the way a part of me was left behind – I got kinda lost in the shuffle.

Gone was that Gusty Gal that wanted to Rock the World …

And @ 45 I found myself saying “What do I want to be when I grow up?”

The thing is, I always had a dream to host live success and personal development seminars from the 1st time I attended one back in the mid-80’s. Because I’ve been saying this for over 20 years, I became what some would call a “personal development geek”. I even thought about going into coaching and motivational speaking, when it was just beginning back in the 90’s.

However, I decided to go the safer route and build a successful direct sales distributorship instead, which actually did involve coaching and motivating, with the added benefit of time freedom.

Through perseverance, I grew my direct sales team to close to 3000 distributors spanning the globe. However, something was still missing.

I found myself at a crossroads – do I continue in this business that is not feeding my soul, or do I discover what my passion REALLY is and have the guts to follow my Outrageously Unlimited Thinking again? (One day ask me to tell you about our O.U.T. Mastermind Group).

Well I’m sure you know what happened next, right?

Of course you do or you wouldn’t be here – thru coaching, I took the time to rediscover my inner Gutsy Gal.

My Ah-Ha moment – the Gutsy Gal was always there. However, it is kind of like a muscle – if you don’t pay attention to it, then it will slowly disappear, sometimes without even noticing (one day ask me about my body building days).

But guess what? With a little attention she comes back!

And that is exactly what happened to me …

For years, I knew deep down that I wanted more – that I HAD more to offer. However, I didn’t listen to that feeling. I mean could I REALLY pull off my wildest dreams? And what would happen if I would fail?

But what I discovered, was that I was unaware of how powerful I truly was. And when I took that step to discover the real Roe, I found that I knew my passion all along. (One day ask me about the lessons I learned being a 9/11 survivor).

I am on a mission – a crusade – here in this world – to help women be strong, powerful and authentic – mentally, physically and spiritually – so that nothing can disturb their peace of mind and success in their world, whether it is their business life or personal life – (Hint, hint: hang around me and it’ll be BOTH).


Because this will help more women play full out and achieve fun, freedom & fulfillment in business and life (Yes: we can have it all) which in turn brings more equality, more peace to our world, more money & time freedom for you and our economy, and a brighter future for all of our children.

Also – we deserve it – darn it!
Our time is now.

And I am here to share that mission with you.

In my role as a Crusader for the Gutsy Gal, I want to teach you how to find your voice, feel confident and embrace your Inner Gutsy Gal, so you can have an extraordinary business and life!

If you are ready to unleash your Inner Gutsy Gal, this is where you start! Sign up for your complimentary copy of: Gutsy Gals Guide To Getting Everything You Want: How to Find Your Courage, Feel Confident Every Day and Embrace Your Inner Gutsy Gal to Have a Career and Life that You Love! 

Traditional BIO

Wall Street:

E.F. Hutton & Co.– VP, Regional Product Director

Thompson McKinnon Securities – Wholesaler

Smith Barney – Trader

Equitable/Axa – Financial Planner, Women & Investing Seminars

Ellis Island Trading/E*Trade – Partner, Registered Principle


Direct Sales & Independent Sales: 

NSA – Sales Coordinator, Independent Representative

Odyssey Int’l – National Sales Trainer, Corporate

Connect America – Sales Professional

FunBroker Benefits – B2B-Vacation Benefits Director



Keys to Conscious Business Growth – Best Seller

Empowering Transformations for Women – Best Seller

Network to Increase Your Net-Worth – International Best Seller



StonyBrook University, NY ~ BA, Psychology 1979

The New School for Social Research & Science 1980


Licenses, Designations, Memberships & Volunteer/Charity Work:

NASD ~ Series 7 ~ Registered Representative 1984-2005

NASD ~ Series 24 ~ Registered Principle 1999-2005

National Center for Women & Retirement Research ~ Licensed Representative.

American Red Cross ~ Jersey Coast ~ Gala Executive Committee,  Philanthropic Development Committee, 2015-Present & Sponsor Chair for Annual Gala 2012-2016

Monmouth County Chamber of Commerce ~ Board Member 2014-Present

Lincroft Little League ~ Board Member, Fundraising Chair 2010-2014

Powerful You! Women’s Network ~ Facilitator, Tinton Falls Chapter 2008-2014

Women’s Speaking Association ~ Premium Member

eWomenNetwork ~ Platinum Member, Leadership Team

Shore Women Business Network ~ Member 2007-Present

Network for Women in Business ~ Regional Director



Married,  30 years

Two Adult Children