About her speaking…

She is a passionate, energetic speaker focusing on Mindset, Marketing & Money Matters for Women Entrepreneurs. She touches her audiences at a deep level, inspiring you to step into your authentic feminine power and confidence. Her simple blueprints will help you attract high-paying ideal clients, charge what you’re worth with ease, and create a life of fun, freedom & fulfillment. Her remarkable heartfelt stories of Real Life will have you on the edge of your seat.

Roe is as unique and diverse as her background. Her expertise began with her Wall Street career, first as a Corporate VP Executive in the 80’s (breaking several glass ceilings along the way) then as a Partner in the 90’s. Roe is also an award-winning independent Sales Professional, a two-time Best Selling Author, and a successful Entrepreneur – accomplishing all of this while married and raising two children.

Today, she is the go-to resource for finding your inner Gutsy Gal, so you can believe in yourself and monetize your passions. She is the undisputed expert on how to take Feminine Gutsy Action in Business and Life.

Some of her most sort after topics are:

  • Awaken Your Inner Gutsy Gal, 3  Steps to Clarity, Confidence & Cash
  • Niche Breakthrough Secrets, The Magic Formula that Quickly makes it possible for you to Market Less, Fill Your Programs & Sell More Products — All while staying powerfully authentic to who you are
  • Create Clear Boundaries for Productivity, Profits & Freedom, Know when to say YES, and How to say NO for Success