Private Coaching

Most popular Private Coaching Programs are:


  • VIP Days ~ half day or full day

  • 90 Day Programs

  • 6 Mth Couture Programs


All programs are customized, we’ll spend time  specifically designed around the strategies and know-how that will get you the most clients the most quickly…so you can start enjoying a wealth of time, impact, freedom, and income right now.

A sampling of trainings and strategies can include:

  • Learn your core values, spirit, personality and passions you bring to the table so you can become a client-attraction and opportunity magnet
  • How to Build your natural inner confidence for Success, create a powerful presence
  • Discover how to make risk taking EXCITING
  • Powerfully define your market niche and ideal client
  • Craft the most compelling way to speak about your service
  • Create your core marketing message
  • Transform what you already do into an exciting Signature System that attracts a steady stream of clients
  • Easily create titles for your programs
  • Package and price your expertise
  • Create a detailed attract your ideal client plan that includes both offline and online strategies
  • Develop a Million Dollar Mindset
  • Identify which Money Mindset is keeping you stuck and how to breakthrough them so you are not discounting or giving away services, under charging, under valuing, or feeling guilty about charging more
  • How to create authentic, respectful, compassionate boundaries
  • Define the next 12-18 months of offers, programs, launches, list-building activities, so you never have to worry where your money will be coming from

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