Group Coaching and Live Training

 I am an Advocate, Cheerleader and Crusader for Women, empowering their inner Gutsy Gal by coaching and training them in different aspects of their lives:

Women in Business: I speak and coach on aligning your business, your marketing and yourself with the soul of who you are.  Create clear boundaries to increase productivity, profits and freedom in your business. Know your value so you can charge what you are worth.

My Gutsy Gal Specialties are:

  • Practical, nuts and bolts strategies and actions steps as well as the transformational inner work that’s essential for you as a budding and advancing entrepreneur
  • The solution to challenges such as how to charge what your worth, attract more clients, brand your unique brilliance, create packages that sell and more
  • What to focus on (and what to let go of) to profitably grow your business and enjoy your life
  • More than just a collection of strategies – a way to grow your business that feels easy because all the pieces fit together (giving YOU a sense of ease)
  • A way to build a social conscious business that not only honors “you” but helps you to make an impact on “others”
  • Results! You consistently attract your ideal clients and generate increased income while making your highest contribution to the world


Upcoming 2016 classes/programs to look out for are:

  • NJ’s First Woman’s Collaboration Summit ~ January 29th, 2016
  • Create Clear Boundaries ~ Increase Your Productivity, Profits and Freedom in your Business and Life *NEW*
  • Money Power Series ~ Uncover your money blocks so you can have more clients happily pay you, discover million dollar mindset strategies
  • Gutsy Gal Leaders ~ How to integrate you authentic personality into everything that you do to build your stress-free business


Contact Our Offices For More Information on our  current Group Coaching Programs & Live Conferences/Workshops at or 732.673.1763.