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Radio Interview: Conscious Business Growth

May 25, 2016 – 9am/PST Noon/EST
Conscious Business Growth
Keys To Conscious Business Growth Group Interview

Are you ready to grow your business in a sustainable way? Are you ready for your own happiness and well being to thrive as well as your business?

Join Bestselling Authors Roe Couture DeSaro, Diane Metivier, Joyce Sagi and host Dr Jo Anne White as they discuss Conscious Business Growth and the keys to achieve it!

Roe Couture DeSaro is a passionate, energetic speaker who is the go to expert for women on how to take “Soulful Gutsy Action” to create a business from their passion and live on their own terms. She’s a 3 time bestselling author who broke through glass ceilings on Wall Street before becoming dedicated to helping more women become Gutsy Gals.

Diane Metivier wants every woman to become actively engaged in her financial affairs and become financially confident. With over 15 years of experience, Diane is a seasoned professional with a hands on approach to financial guidance to help you achieve financial success.

Joyce Sagi
is the CEO and entrepreneur behind Disaster And Risk Associates, or DARA. DARA’s mission is to engage, educate and empower individuals, businesses and communities globally to prepare BEFORE disaster strikes to minimize losses, reduce recovery time, eliminate chaos and reduce risk.

These three amazing women have teamed up with Dr Jo Anne White to co-author Keys to Conscious Business Growth, a guide to help you manifest the successful, soulful business or career you desire.

– See more at:

Boundaries Boost Your Biz & Life






FREE CONSCIOUS BUSINESS SUMMIT to help you grow in your business life while staying aligned with your highest values and purpose. I am one of the Interview Guests, and I know this summit will help you in your own business and career journey. Register now at: #ConsciousKeys



Keys to Conscious Business Growth Summit - Grow Yourself ~ Grow Your Business. Hosted by Powerful You! Publishing

In honor of Elizabeth Barry’s new book “Own Your Vulnerability; Become A Self Loving Powerful Woman” release date Feb 12, 2016


“Show up as yourself and have the courage to be imperfect. Have the guts to be YOU. Take off your mask and stop hiding your vulnerability. When you hide your true self, you miss out on deep soulful connections. Show up… because that’s when your unique brilliance will shine.” RoseMarie Couture DeSaro is Chapter 1 in Own Your Vulnerability… Launching 2.12.16.

Posted by Elizabeth Barry on Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Women’s Collaboration Summit is for Women who:
* love to learn & are committed to being inspired & inspiring others to live
a fuller, richer life
* don’t want to compromise their values or family to have success
* need to be taken more seriously, heard or appreciated by others
* feel overwhelmed & need support
* want to overcome self-doubts & fears
It’s a good time to take inventory of all your assets and abilities.

What do you stand for?
What is important to you?
Who are you meant to be?

Join us and tap into the collective energy of us all to help find these answers

You’ll benefit by:

* Discovering you have new choices and options to open up new doors and to start creating the life you dream of

* Having the key to your personal power and your leadership so you feel valued and respected

* Knowing you’re supported because you no longer have to feel alone

* Creating a compelling action plan that allows you to know how to start feeling respected and begin living the life you want through self-knowledge and outside support

How is this Summit different from Conferences, Seminars & Workshops?

  • Your voice will be heard and you’ll share your stories of what matters to you and women collectively
  • It will reinforce that, as a woman, you are wired to collaborate
  • You’ll experience that when you help other women you help yourself

Let’s not just talk about collaboration, let’s do it!

See you there!

Robyn Stratton-Berkessel

Roe Couture DeSaro

Marybeth Gregg

Three Powerhouses

To Shine your Brilliance, Open your Heart and Expand your Mind

Master Positivity Strategist

Robyn Stratton-Berkessel

Master Leadership Expert

Marybeth Gregg
International Consultant|Coach

Master Gutsy Gal 

Roe Couture DeSaro

 Our Exclusive Sponsor 

Foresight Financial Partners
 Foresight For Women
Educating and Meeting the Unique Financial Needs of Women
Susan Rymer, LUTCF and Janet Sherry, CFP® of Foresight Financial Partners have developed a
Women’s Financial Resource Group “Foresight for Women”. The Group is dedicated to helping
women with their unique financial situations. We understand it is difficult to set aside time to
take an active role in developing a financial strategy. Our mission is to assist women in gaining
the knowledge and developing strategies to reach their goals of financial independence and
security. Foresight for Women has a network of accounting, legal and business valuation firms to
provide clients with comprehensive financial products and services. This all-inclusive approach
allows clients to focus on their businesses, families and or practices.

How to Create Clear Boundaries 

For Increased Productivity Profits & Freedom in Your Business & Life

Discover How Setting Boundaries for Yourself, your Clients, your Work, your Life & your Community is the Answer for having a Highly Functioning Business & Personal Life with Grace & Ease!

In This Special Report, You’ll Learn:

  • 20 Signs of Unhealthy Boundaries that are keeping you stuck & in overwhelm
  • 5 Tips for Setting Boundaries with Others
  • Why Clients Love Decisive Clear Boundaries
  • How to Avoid Bright Shiny Object Syndrome
  • How to Stand Out from the Crowded Market
  • How to Create Empowering Actions

Find out Why Setting & Maintaining Boundaries are Vital to Your Success!

Download the Special Report
Download the How To Create Clear Boundaries for Increased Productivity, Profits & Freedom in Your Business & Life by clicking the button below to start creating empowering boundaries  today!

Download Now

I AM SO GRATEFUL to be a guest teacher for the Powerful You! Learning Center during the month of December along with two other experts. I’ll be presenting one of my favorite topics to help you with your business and personal growth.

See all topics and teachers and register now at:
Register during Month of December

Register during Month of December

Keynote Host Speaker  for Powerful You! Women’s Network
Grow-Tour large with speakersAs one of the 5 expert speakers I have the privilege to offer a $10 discount in addition to the early bird special ~ use code: speaker10


Mirror Mirror on the Wall; Who Am I After All?

A FREE Summer Workshop (my birthday celebration, transformation style)

 Discover Your Authentic Confident YOU

 And Achieve What You Want

WHEN: Friday, July 31st 3:00-5:30pm

*optional complimentary candlelit yoga class @ 5:30pm*

WHERE: Renaissance Pilates, 8 East Front St. Red Bank, NJ 07701             

What if you could have unlimited confidence? It really lives inside of you – you just need to know how to tap into it

For Details & Registration~ go to
Love One Another

Love One Another

Speaker on Growth Spurts Conscious Business Summit


One of 20 Fabulous Experts

One of 20 Fabulous Experts

Register Here: Http://

The Gutsy Gals Guide™ Series featuring Roe Couture DeSaro

  with Guest Speakers Grace Kelly-Nartowicz & Terese Rölke


 Fall in Love with Mastering Your Money

            For a Successful Business & Life

             A program to

                 Unleash Your Money Power    


     Discovering What’s Holding You Back to…

        Making it ~ Keeping it ~ Leveraging it




       Wednesday, April 1st 7:00-9:30pm
           Renaissance Pilates, 8 Front Street, Red Bank, NJ
              $27pp Pre-Registration or $37pp @ the door

                              BRING A FRIEND FOR FREE

                                          ARE YOU A COLLEGE STUDENT?
                                     THEN COME FOR FREE BRING YOUR ID

Includes Full Set of Money Transformation Cards & Handouts followed by Networking, Nibbles, & Fun



      Does this sound like you?

Consistently undercharging, Overloading your products, programs or sessions, Undervaluing your work, Feeling guilty about charging, Excessive spending, Paying minimum on credit cards, Saying I’ll save when I make more;

       Yes…then, this is for you!


           Are you ready to…


        increase your income

         free up extra money

          up-level your money mindset

          learn the basics of investing

         get out of debt


          discover how money works



                                                                In Summary

Discover what’s holding you back from making & keeping more money

so you can achieve all the love, abundance & fulfillment you desire


Here’s what you’ll receive when you enroll in

“Fall in Love with Mastering Your Money”

Full Set of Beautiful Money Mirror Cards to use daily

The opportunity to take the 90-Minute Challenge

                  & more bonuses to come

Yes, I want to enroll in “Fall in Love with Mastering Your Money” right now


A Special Valentine’s Program for Heart-Centered Conscious Women

Fall in Love with YOU

Strategies to Allow Your Authenticity be Your Power for a Thriving Business & Life

⇒Unleash Your Unique Brilliance




What would you do if you knew you could not fail?


What would you do it you weren’t afraid of anything?

Would you give yourself permission to be Yourself?


I mean Truly  yourself…Brand Yourself?


Would you be unstoppable in your business?


Would you be comfortable promoting yourself, your business?

Would you expand your business online?


Do You want to know how it feels to Trust Yourself Unconditionally?

Do you want to have complete confidence so you can be more & do more

Imagine Having Money, Impact & Lifestyle Exactly As You’ve Always Wanted —

And Still Have Time For Your Family, Friends… And Yourself 



Would You Like That?

Of course, you would!

It begins with YOU — When You

Elevate Yourself First


Shift Your Mindset

How you Think & Feel about Yourself determines Your Actions which equals Your Results


In Other-words, Your Income Follows Your Perception of Who You Are

 This Live Program is for you

Especially if:

You want to Incorporate Your Many Passions into Your Business
You are ready to Be the Woman You Are Capable of Being
You are ready to take Inspired Action

Join Us

For an Evening of Celebration, Learning & Growing

Full 70 minutes of training ~ valuable content to be a more powerful business women & enhance your life ($750 value)


Core Values Index™  ~ A revolutionary assessment that measures your innate unchanging nature ($49 value)


Pilates Breathing Demonstration & Tips by Renaissance Pilates Owner, Danielle Buccellato – ($200 value)


Connecting, Collaborating with like-minded women ~ (priceless)


After Celebration of YOU with Bubbly, Chocolate & Light Nibbles – (fun )


Wednesday, February 11th 7:30-9:30pm

Renaissance Pilates

8 East Front Street, Red Bank, NJ

$37pp thru Feb 10th or $47pp @ the door

Limited Space Available


Show some Love  to our Corporate Sponsor ~ Renaissance Pilates of Red Bank

Special Love to our Entrepreneur Sponsors Too!

Jill Merriman, Health & Wealth Accountability Advisor for Women Entrepreneurs

Jill will be sharing samples of a refreshing natural orange flavored energy drink that gives you a burst of energy.


Judy Banks, Owner, Balance Your Life, Integrative Health Coach and Chopra Center Vedic Master.

Judy will get us started off with a Meditation to deepen our learning & transformations.


Merrall Freund, Owner, HealthyEatz HealthyBody

Merrall will be making some of our Healthy Nibbles! Such as Roasted Chic Peas & Quinoa Blondies ~ Yummy!!!



November 2014

MMCC Women In Business Luncheon – Returning Speaker Panelist

November 13th








Shore Women Business  Network – Keynote Speaker

November 15th

Crowdfunding, Inventing, Franchising 

Keynote on  Confidence

@ The Women’s Club of Red Bank

Worthy Women Seminar Series – November 20th

20141120_115023 (2)






Topic: Million Dollar Mindset Strategies


October 10th-11th, 2014

ETTM Women’s Conference









Two Workshops:

Niche Breakthrough Secrets

Awaken Your Inner Gutsy Gal


October  2014

Grow Tour 2014

Powerful You! Women’s Network

Flyer - GROW - NJNY

  •  West Orange, NJ,  Oct 23rd
    Niche Breakthru Secrets
    The Magic Formula that Quickly Makes it Possible for You to Market Less, Fill Your Programs Faster, and Sell More Products All While Staying Powerfully Authentic to Who You Are
  • Gloucester, NJ,  Oct 24th
    Awaken Your Inner Gutsy Gal
    3 Simple Steps to Clarity, Confidence & Cash
  • Staten Island, NY, Oct 21st
  •  Master Your Confidence for Success                                                                                   


September 20th, 2014

3rd Annual Small Business Boot Camp for Women ~ Speaker

Small Biz Boot Camp 260 x 100 Banner

Come Join Us in Newark, NJ ~
Click Here: Http://


May 15th, 2014

MMCC – Women In Business Luncheon

Beacon Hill Country Club